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NOLOGO ACTIVE light curtain, how is it made?  How was it designed? What are the best uses for it and are there any unique features?  When our professional security customers ask us for the ACTIVE barrier, we keep repeating these important questions: what use should they make of it? Where should it be installed? Will its use be to secure the gate, the passage? Or will it be to secure the door or gate automation and guarantee its opening and closing?

in their optimal functioning, they are mounted outside parallax (eg: TX inside and RX outside), with the activation of the auto-exclusion function or dynamic sequential suppression of the beams. The NOLOGO ACTIVE-IP-DF36 / ACTIVE-IPQ-DF36 light curtains, comply with the EN 12978 standard to be an EN 12453 Certificate TÜV-20 20156 05 standard electronic device, which allows it to be an autonomous safety device on a motorized door or gate. The complete system consists of a TX transmitter barrier and an RX receiver barrier, which are positioned opposite each other, generating a parallel scanning infrared beam grid. The auto-bypass, or dynamic sequential suppression function, allows the barriers to be placed in the tracks of an industrial door, where the door moves directly in front of the protected area, interrupting the beams in sequence from top to bottom. This ensures that the system distinguishes between the closing door and an object or person by ignoring beams that are obstructed by the moving door while leaving under the remaining active beam to detect an object in the protected area. The integrated LED indicators mounted in the internal profile, are power indicators and system signals to monitor the operation of the barrier itself.

The new NOLOGO ACTIVE-IP-DF36 / ACTIVE-IPQ-DF36 watertight outdoor barriers,
they cannot be opened, they are delivered and installed as "simple" safety photocells. Their simplicity is as a result of extensive research and development, which allowed their final realization. They are composed of an electronic circuit resized and inserted in a plastic container, sealed at the ends with special hermetically sealed caps. In the top cap the 6x0.25 cable is internally welded and blocked by an external cable gland. The supplied cable is 3m in length. The watertight casing is inserted into an anodized aluminum profile which favors the directionality and solidity of the product, giving it a unique line and design of its kind. Everything is supplied complete with AC-CLIP clips for convenient external fixing without having to intervene in any way inside the barrier.

        • Dimensioni / Dimensions: 23 x  18mm (ACTIVE-IPQ-DF36)
        • Dimensioni / Dimensions: 23 x  23mm (ACTIVE-IP-DF36)
        • Alimentazione / Power supply: (switching) 10 ÷ 28 Vac/10 ÷ 38 Vdc
        • Assorbimento /Consumption max @ 10 Vdc:   TX <2 W
        • Assorbimento / Consumption max @ 10 Vdc:  RX  2,5 W
        • Tempo di risposta / Response time: <50ms
        • Uscite di sicurezza / Output: 2 solid state (usc. statica a PhotoMOS) max 350 mA @ 40 Vdc
        • Velocità massima chiusura porta / Maximum door speed in closing: 3 m/s
        • Velocità massima apertura porta / Maximum door speed in opening: > 3 m/s
        • Portata massima effettiva / Effective range: M: 0÷7m   L: 0÷11m   XL: 0÷16m   XXL: 0÷28m
        • Portata massima effettiva / Effective range: 0÷ 35m (ACTIVE-IP-DF36)
        • Protezione effettiva / Effective protection:  36 ÷ 250 cm
        • Temperatura di funzionamento / (Operating Temperature): -20°C ÷ +60 °C
        • Umidità relativa / Relative humidity: 95% max, non condensante
        • Lunghezza cavi / Cable length:  3m  Ø5mm
        • Altezza finita / Height:  70 ÷ 280 cm
        • Grado di protezione / IP Rating: IP67 EN 60529

  • Very sure
  • Hi gh speed detection
  • Well finished design and easy to adapt to every application
  • Electronic inserted into an IP67 cover
  • Anodized aluminium cover
  • Cable glande on the top
  • Fixing clips or
  • Fixing system on the aluminium profile
  • Fixing system without aluminium with reduced caps
  • Security every 45mm with gradul shut down
  • Automatic optical syncronisation between TX and RX
  • Unique code for every infrared ray
  • Switching power supply 12/24-dc/ac with tollerance
  • Pre-wired connection, flame retardant cable 6x0,25
  • Photo Test and Synch connection o
  • Wide range 20/30mt by every condition
  • Synchronisation system between two pairs with a unique connection
Sliding gate solution example SYNCHRO with TX Master+Slave / RX Master+Slave

Sliding gate solution example SYNCHRO with double barrier

Example rapid door TX outside / RX inside

Example sectional door with barriers inside the panel rail

IP 23X23mm
IPQ 23X18mm
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