New repairs process starting from 1st March 2016

14 Feb 2016



Obj:   New repairs process starting from 1st March 2016

(download pdf)

From 1st March 2016 we will introduce the new REPAIRS process
This process is implemented to improve the customer service and the customer care of the repairs reducing time and cost.
We  kindly ask for you to read it carefully, Because our goal can be reached thanks to your cooperation.
You will find the format MDR which has to be downloaded, completed and sent Via mail or fax 
MDR in format word (suggested)  /  MDR in format pdf


We recommend to keep in mind the points to help the repairs process:


  • Complete the format MDR in all parts and indicate the production number (For all remote controls, receivers and photocells a white label is in the back side of the electronic card while for the control panels there is a grey label above the relay). In the instance there is no label it will be considered OUT OF WARRANTY  and we will charge it,
  • Send the FORMAT MDR Via fax or e-mail
  • An authorisation number will be issued, which has to be quoted on the document of transport., We will not accept them without authorization numbers
  • All repairs should be sent with original packaging, complete with all accessories and with production number.
  • All repairs have to be  sent to NOLOGO srl Via Cesare Cantù 26 20020 VILLA CORTESE-ITALY- free of charge with the assigned authorisation number. In case the authorization number is not quoted, the goods will not be accepted.

The repairs of the devices under warranty includes: After a full check. Replacement or repairs of electronic components or modules to bring back to a correct function  of the item.

NOLOGO reserves the right to repair the component or the faulty part or to replace ( the faulty items will not be sent back)

  • The repairs under warranty (24 months from the production date) does not include:
    • restore of the missing parts
    • replacing of tampered parts
    • damages caused from drops, crashes, accidents  or carelessness , natural events
    • missing respect of the installation measures and use ,  unduly installation, changes, repairs and test and intervention from unauthorised staff
    • standard decay of the products (for example batteries et)

Thank you for your cooperation!


Sales Office