17 Sep 2015



The push button with cable or wireless
is the new product available in the three versions:

• Radio Wall transmitter l with self-generating code 433.92Mhz compatible with the most major branded remote in the market, self-generating HCS rolling code compatible with RX1-RX2XL-RX4-XL receivers
• Copy radio remote control with fixed code, 433.)2Mhz compatible with the most major branded remotes in the market
• Power Supply CR2032 3V
Operating Temperature °C -10 ÷ + 60
IP code 54
Dimensions mm76x77x28

• Push-button  with cable
12/24 V ac/dc power supply
Relais  with max contact 1Amp
NO or NC isolated contacts
Signal l.e.d. for night use
Operating temperature  °C - 10 ÷ + 60
Ip Code 54
Dimensions mm 76x77x28

• Radio wall transmitter  with cable
Only isolated contact ON/OFF  switching relay
IP Code 54
Dimensions mm76x77x28



... wall transmitter

The radio wall transmitter  “ PUSH”  is the solution to all problem concerning the connection in the control unit. For  Industrial use: sliding gate, sectional doors, rapid raise doors. For  domestic use: gates, sectional doors or roll-up-doors. This is  practical to install due to the easy wall-installation. It is quick  to find the correct command because it is only one channel remote and it is solid  designed in polycarbonate.

... single channel

It is not sufficient to  define the PUSH  only a single channel remote. It is more than that. It generates fixed and rolling  code and it can copies the existing codes. It is not only new and practical but it is adaptable ,  easy and fast for quick solutions.