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The passion for our job, human relationships and the long experience in this field are the solid foundations of Nologo strategy and liaison.

In an always demanding and dinamic market we believe that continous research and development, together with flexibility in production and sales are our strengths.

NOLOGO is born to satisfy unattended needs. This is our mission, the aim of our job, of our products and of our client relations. Our goal is to satisfy the client expectations.

Our professional services are characterized by loyalty and high performance, cultivated to gain your trust.
Design and formal image increase the products emotional value and help the choices of professional and domestic integration.

Automation and safety accessories by their nature have to be created on a high standard quality. NOLOGO chooses quality control to guarantee you a safe choice.

Each product is designed to fulfil its function to provide advantages to the end user and the installer as well. Research and constant evolution explain our increasing success in the market.

A sound in the relationship with our clients means for NOLOGO building a long term relation, based on a ready availability, technical support and trust.
A company and a philosophy made of men and certainties built on experience. A tangible business idea to believe in, as all the products constructed and installed succesfully.

Marketing and communication as NOLOGO strategic resources to be succesful in the market in terms of exclusivity and differentiation. To inform, to know, to convince.

In order to build a faithful and exclusive relationship it is necessary to implement a technical support to the client. The interactive and bidirectional multichannel relationship to grow together in time.
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